Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In The Words Of Ron Weasley-"Bloody Brilliant!"

I was fortunate to have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night. After returning home I quickly scribbled down every thought regarding the movie that passed through my head, in a 'Hannah Montana' notepad a friend of mine had given to me as a joke (now, now, don’t be judgmental).
Before you proceed reading this article I want you to know that this isn’t a review. Its just what I thought of the movie. You will perhaps understand it better after having watched the movie.
It is natural that any fan of the book would watch the Deathly Hallows movie with the book in mind. But I suggest that you watch it with an open mind and with the awareness of how lengthy and boring the movie would have been if the writers had adapted the book exactly as it is.
While keeping the book in mind, however, I think, this is perhaps the only movie that has stayed so faithful to the book. (Interesting fact: this is the first HP movie produced by JK Rowling.) Of course, its not like they had any choice, seeing as almost every chapter in the book is relevant, which is why they divided the movie into 2 parts. What I particularly liked was that the mood of the movie reflected the mood of the book. Unlike in the 6th movie, where prior to the death of Dumbledore there was a lot of humour (especially the part that deals with the Felix Felicitus).
Deathly Hallows begins well. It sets the mood and makes us realize, immediately, just how much the magical (and the muggle) world is changing.
Since most of The Deathly Hallows takes place outside of Hogwarts, the extent to which all evil has spread becomes more believable. The previous movies revealed the magical world, but only as it is at Hogwarts (and maybe Diagon Alley). The 7th  movie (or 7.1 as some call it) takes Harry and friends away from all that has been familiar to them, as well as the audience. To watch Harry and Hagrid ward off Death Eaters while maneuvering their way through traffic (of the muggle kind) somehow makes the magic more believable.
The movie has a good balance of humour and action. It was nice to see Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) portray the anger and jealousy of his character. The previous movies usually showed Ron simply joking around or being clumsy.
Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were as good as ever (I mean that in the nicest way).
What I really loved was both Alan Rickman (Snape) and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix). They had very little screen time but they did such an amazing job, you are unlikely to forget them anytime soon (I can still hear Bellatrix's cackle in my ear).
There are some scenes that are very memorable: (MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!)
1.   At the Ministry: the dementors swirling above, while Mary Cattermole’s on trial
2.    The part where the locket/ horcrux is opened
3.    The narration of the tale of the Three Brothers
The only problem with the movie is that a person who hasn’t read the book might have a bit of a hard time following the plot. They would either have to have a rough idea of what’s going to happen or have a very good memory of what happened in the previous movie.
Take, for example, my parents, with whom I saw the movie. I doubt they could understand everything that happened. But that could also be due to the loud and annoying people sitting around us. I mean I like kids, I really do, but they can be really annoying when they blurt out (loudly, I might add) what they know is going to happen next. And who brings an infant with them when going to watch a movie? Especially when they know they would be a huge, slithering serpent playing a major role in it? I mean, do they want to traumatize the child? I watched Jaws when I was 11 and I’m still scared of getting on a boat...
It’s a sign of how good the movie was when I say that the noisy audience couldn’t distract me for long. 


  1. Awesome. The kid part-definitely true.But my most memorable part about the movie was seeing Daniel Radcliffe strip. Dont judge me. Also, Bathilda Bagshot turning into Nagini. Woah!! BTW, love the drawing.

  2. this movie is simply brilliant and Rupert Grint...he makes such an awesome Ronald Weasley. :D

  3. Best part still remains the narration of The tale of three brothers.It was SUPERB. Though the scene between Harry and Hermoine was a bit over the top or at least thats what i think but that scene played a role in portraying Voldemort's evil nature.

  4. wel!i love the pictures.n i love ur blog already!.want to read it properly so savin it up. : )

  5. love ur blog madhavi!! very vibrant n colourful!!awesome job!! =)

  6. :) Interesting review. And have to agree with most of what you've said! (minus the children, because there were hardly any when I watched it)

  7. Agreed! Whatever made those parents think it was a "Children's movie"! This ain't Toy Story!! For some one who is oblivious to the entire HP franchise, imagine how scandalized he/she would make if a parent told him/her "I'm taking my kids to watch the Deathly Hallows!!"???
    Anyways, my sympathies. I had a similar experience while watching it here in Singapore- there was a 5-6yr old boy sitting next to me who was scared outta his pants when Nagini sprang at the camera (imagine his trauma had it been in 3-D), and there was this very annoying bunch of ?college kids who were very badly behaved- with their non-stop chatter and cellphone conversations and popcorn flying all over the place!
    Before I clutter your blog space, let me conclude that it was a well written piece and I enjoyed reading it as much as I did watching the movie! :)

  8. i really like the pictures!!!great job!!

  9. amazing article!!! waiting eagerly for the second part 2 release... i felt that nagini's scene was awesome 2..... waiting 4 more such articles :)