I'm Madhavi Nair– writer, designer, artist, part-time genius.

I am currently studying Graphic Design in Singapore.

My achievements:
  • I have a triple major in Psychology, English and Journalism.
  • I've studied four years of Fine Arts.
  • I am studying for a diploma in Graphic Design.
  • Writing is my third most favourite thing in the world (the first is chocolate cake, the second is design).
  • I watch television shows like my life depends on it (I blame HBO).
  • Books are my best friends.
  • I co-wrote a play for The National Seminar on Reading Indias in 2012.
  • I once nearly got hit in the head by a pigeon.

Some things you need to know about me:
  • If you ever meet me and I don't say much, it's probably because I suck at small talk.
  • I am a feminist.
  • I don't start anything I can't complete, unless it involves a musical instrument.
  • I am a stickler for details which may annoy some people.
  • I like making lists.

If you want to contact me, leave me a comment here, find me on LinkedIn or Google+.

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