Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comic Con-versations

The trailer of the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds released 2 days ago. I haven’t read any of the comics and what little I know of the superhero(es) is courtesy of The Big Bang Theory (“I like Green Lantern, I'm just saying it's pretty lame that he can be defeated by the color yellow.”)
For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here.
Call me an idiot, but when it comes to movie trailers, it doesn’t take much to impress me. I love superhero movies (with the exception of a few. Spider-Man 3 for example. I mean did he have to dance??)
So the Green Lantern trailer seemed all right. I liked the part where he recites a bit of the oath, but then again that oath always gives me the goose bumps. But when I scrolled down to the comments, I read the opinions of some unimpressed viewers, and I realized that what some of them wrote is true. The animated bits do look fake… and the original black and green suit would have looked cooler than the plain green one.
So what do you think? Am I being judgmental or was I just sidetracked by Reynolds’s pretty face? (anybody looked at People magazine recently?)
Apart from getting me curious about the comic, the trailer reminded of all the previous superhero movies ever made. Unlike Batman, Spider-Man or the Hulk-- all of whom have at least 2 movies to their names-- this is the first Green Lantern movie to be made. With the fairly recent news that Andrew Garfield will be playing Peter Parker in the upcoming Spiderman reboot, I wonder if we will ever get tired of these superheroes.
There have been 7 Batman movies, 3 Spider-Man ones and 2 about the Hulk. The next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises is set to release 2012, as is the untitled Spider-Man reboot. And any sane person who loves comics cant wait for The Avengers. (If the world is going to come to an end, lets hope it does after all these movies are out.)
So it doesn’t look like we will be getting tired of these incredible inhumanly humane heroes anytime soon. And I’m not complaining.

In other comic-to-movie related news, something that isn’t really new: Empire’s recent issue that gives us an exclusive look at Peter Jackson’s and Steven Spielberg’s Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.
This I really do like, even though they haven’t stuck to Herge’s original art, which in my opinion is very brave.
You can have a look.


  1. Youre right. Especially about Spielberg being brave. Still, Im looking forward to Tintin in a new AVATAR!

  2. Some interesting points of view!

    Some times it looks like a movie is being made only for the money (Spiderman3). But the Tintin series should be interesting, considering the people behind it!

    Cool blog design BTW.