Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wish list 2011

      Ah! A new year with new scandals to look forward to! Since making resolutions are pointless, I decided to make a list of what I wish for the new year, even though it's  past Christmas. One can always hope..

1.     Ryan Murphy realizes that the main reason Glee was so popular in the first place was because Sue Sylvester had wit dryer than a cat. And not because the audience was intrigued by the same old insecurities of Rachel Berry. Wasn’t Jane Lynch’s Emmy win big enough a clue?

2.     Katherine Heigl makes anything but a romantic comedy. If she does, don’t bother wasting your money on it. I can tell you the story: girl likes guy but guy doesn’t know it OR they both don’t realize how they are meant to be together. After about an hour and a half of watching guy and girl in various situations, exchanging their oh-so-witty comments, they realize nothing should be keeping them apart (even when it was their own stupidity) and they live happily ever after.

3.     Community continues to be the epitome of Barney Stintson’s definition of awesomeness. Even if Jeff and Annie don’t get together, no matter how much we wish it.

4.     Movies like 2012 never see the light of day. If they do, lets just say I can hardly wait for 2012 (the actual year).

5.     Lady Gaga decides to become a vegan and ends up at the Grammy’s in a dress made of soy. That way she’ll be sending a message out. Apart from the message that’s it okay be stuck in a bad romance. (I beg to differ; as I’m sure would half of Hollywood, as that’s probably the excuse they use in their divorce papers).

6.     Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson decide that they don’t want to get divorced after all. They get back together and live happily ever after (even if that seems to happen only in Disney/ Barbie princess movies and Katherine Heigl chick flicks). If they can't make it work in Hollywood, who can? (Apart from those who’re married to people outside the industry).  Definitely not Hugh Hefner. (If that happens, I swear I’ll move to the arctic and live in an igloo).

7.     We get to see more of Jesse Eisenberg, Carrey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Shia LaBeouf, and the likes.

8.     That bands like U2, Coldplay and Keane decide that maybe it’s time they paid a visit to India. But somehow I doubt that.

9.     Paris Hilton realizes that chewing gum and cocaine are very different things. If she has doubts she can always ask Lindsay Lohan, I’m sure.

10.  Every Disney star under the age of 20 gets their own personal shrink. It might cost a lot of money, but I’m sure it will save a lot of careers.

11.  Miley Cyrus comes to her senses and realizes that by trying so hard to change her image, no body takes her seriously anymore. There are way better ways of making a transformation. First step: take it slow. Step two: stop annoying all the parents of the little girls who worship the ground you walk on. Step three: if you don’t like pop music, don’t make it. Step four: don’t diss Radiohead ever again.

12.  Scientists prove what I have always known: too much is not always too bad. Especially if its chocolate.

PS- Happy New Year!!


  1. This is, by Barney's definition, AWESOME. Your best post ever!! Hmm...writer's block proved good for you. I loved the Lady Gaga bit!! Hilarious!!

  2. Love it!! Cannot agree more on Points 7 and 12; if 7 gets you depressed, 12 will more than just make up for it! :D